• Program Detail

B.A. in Economics and Politics

Economics and Politics are long-established and closely related disciplines, but Lancaster’s combined degree scheme will do more than teach you about traditional perspectives. You will also train in the analysis of current policy issues and problems using the latest techniques and technology. 

Your will learn from staff exploring issues such as war and governance and their impact on the global economy, the analysis of public policies, and the great macroeconomic debates. The Politics department places a strong emphasis on research and uses it in the teaching across the programme. The department of Economics offers a wide range of courses, which allows students to choose whether to take a more formal route, with a heavier mathematical and statistical content, or instead choose modules taught with a more intuitive approach, and less reliance on analytical methods 

You’ll begin your degree with core modules in the Principles of Economics and Politics and Governance in the Contemporary World. In your first year you may also choose to study Quantitative Methods for Economics, or a third subject of your interest. 

In your second year, you’ll study modules such as The Politics of Development or The Politics of the European Union together with Micro- and Macroeconomics and Econometrics. This will then allow you to complete your degree with third-year options such as Monetary, Development and Public Economics and Contemporary Issues in the Middle East.