• Program Detail

B.S. in Web Science

The Majors Software Science and Web Science were formally embedded in the Bachelor program Computer Science and Engineering (in Dutch: Technische Informatica). Consequently, after completing one of these Majors, you will receive the Bachelor's degree certificate in Computer Science and Engineering. 

As of September 2017 the Software Science and Web Science majors will be gradually phased out, year by year. The major Computer Science and Engineering, combining the best of Software Science and Web Science, will be its mutual successor. 

Program Objectives 

The overall objective of the Bachelor program is to train and educate young professionals who are able to progress into an appropriate Master’s program and/or are prepared to embark upon a professional career in the field of Software Science or Web Science. 

Students are therefore expected to: 

  1. acquire cognitive skills relating to computer science and engineering
  2. liacquire practical capabilities and skills relating to software design (the Web Science major focuses on complex internet-based applications, while the Software Science major is more concerned with technical applications)
  3. acquire professional and generic academic skills