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B.Sc. in Operations and Project Management

Operations management is the planning and execution of operations (or routine work) in the service and manufacturing worlds, including demand forecasting, production planning, inventory control, quality management and supply chain collaboration. Project management is the planning and execution of projects (non-routine work) in the service and business worlds, including the initiation, monitoring, controlling and closing of projects. 

Efficient management of operations and projects is of utmost importance for both the success and survival of a firm. Gain the skills and knowledge to become a vital asset in this role as an operations and project management major at Southern New Hampshire University. 

The Bachelor of Science in Operations and Project Management- Degree in Three program at Southern New Hampshire University helps college students pursue careers such as: 

  • Operations analyst/manager
  • Project analyst/coordinator/manager
  • Supply chain analyst/manager
  • Production planner
  • Logistics engineer
  • Distribution analyst/manager
  • Purchasing analyst/manager
  • Inventory control analyst/manager
  • Quality analyst/manager