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M.Sc. in Operational Research and Finance

What is Operational Research and Finance? 

Operational Research is the application of scientific methods to the study of complex organisational problems. In this degree course, there is an emphasis on complementary financial studies. Even within the same organisation Operational Research and Finance tends to be highly varied because of its project-driven nature. This breadth of experience offers an exciting and rewarding career in many financial organisations, enabling many Operational Research workers to progress to a career in general management. Moreover the nature of the work brings an Operations Research and Finance graduate into early contact with senior management, and career advancement is typically rapid. 

Why do an MSc? 

An MSc is generally accepted as being highly desirable for starting and developing a career in OR and financial modelling. The MSc is also a good preparation for research work. 

A highlight of the programme is the 3-month summer project. The student is usually placed with a nearby company and works on a real problem of practical importance to that company.