• Program Detail

B.Sc. in Business Analytics and Consultancy

This degree provides you with a broad set of skills and knowledge that are needed to support modern organisations. You’ll begin to specialise after your first year, choosing from a wide range of modules designed to stretch and challenge you and equip you with the skills you need to start a successful career or to serve as a basis for further study. 

In your first year, we build on the maths you did at school, introducing techniques and approaches that help organisations to plan and make better decisions. You will learn to think statistically and analyse data. You’ll learn how to make forecasts and how to use data to understand complex behaviour and be introduced to the operations and strategic business contexts in which these ideas can be applied. You will also take a ‘live’ module, working in small teams to deliver a project for a client in the Lancaster area. 

You can choose to specialise at the end of the first year, selecting a main track from Business Analytics; Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Project Management; and Information Systems. You can also take modules from other tracks alongside modules in your main track to widen your knowledge and skill set. 

The Business Analytics track provides you with the mathematical tools that develop practical, numerate and computer-based modelling skills. 

The Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management track includes: Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, Forecasting, Inventory Planning, Risk Analysis and many other relevant topics aimed at developing your understanding of specific business problems faced by operations managers. 

The Project Management track develops the project management and consultancy skills to implement ideas in practice, encouraging all employees to participate in change. On the Information Systems track, you’ll learn more about designing and managing the computer-based systems on which most organisations depend upon in the digital economy.