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B.A. in Agricultural Production and Management

This course was previously known as the Bachelor of Agrifood Systems. 

The course is designed for students who want to progress their career into agricultural management. There are five Majors: (1) Crop Production; (2) Livestock Production; (3) Feedlot Management; (4) Production Horticulture; and (5) Poultry Production. 

The course covers the latest technology and production techniques for your industry. You will complete vocational units to develop practical skills in farm management, while deepening your understanding of the science and technology of modern agriculture through the UNE units. 

By completing this degree you will be able to apply your technical knowledge and business management skills to improve the sustainability, productivity and profitability of farming systems. 

You will need access to a farm enterprise for your selected Major on which to base projects and reports throughout the course. All units are supported by online study guides and you can complete the degree part-time while you work in agriculture.