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M.Sc. in Environmental Pollution Control

Through this postgraduate degree course you will explore the scientific basis of pollution and the practical approaches to its control. In your first semester, you will study the science behind pollutants and their effect on the environment. You will measure and monitor air, water and waste pollution, remediate problems and examine the latest technologies in the field. You will also study modules in Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainable Resource Management, developing critical skills sets for students aiming to pursue a career as an environmental scientist. 

In the second semester, we develop your practical skills. You will learn to apply innovative research techniques, present arguments and understand how research funding works. You will study a module in Environmental Law and Management which will enable you to apply your understanding of environmental pollution to the legal and policy mechanisms that control harmful emissions to protect and enhance our environment. 

Each semester, you have the option to specialise in modules related to your interests and career aspirations, from Water and Wastewater Engineering to Coastal Flood Defence to Energy Resources & Engineering. Throughout the course we aim to equip you with a diverse range of professional and transferable skills. 

The final part of the year will focus on your individual research work. You will complete an advanced research project and be encouraged to work with industry to apply your newly-developed knowledge. 

This course develops the professional skills required for rewarding careers as an environmental scientist in air, water and waste pollution management.