• Program Detail

M.Sc. in Health Sciences-Amputation & Prosthetic Rehabilitation

The flexible nature of the programme means that you may bring credits from other University’s in and chose from the modules within the Faculty and wider University. If you cannot find a module to suit your needs you may choose to study an open module where in conjunction with an academic coach you will create your own learning outcomes and module of study. 

You can complete this programme between one and two years full time, or between two and five years part time. All pathways end with a dissertation which is a substantial piece of work around a topic chosen by you. As a student at a Russell Group university you will benefit from research-led learning throughout your study. Furthermore, you will be supported by academic staff members who are recognised experts in their particular fields. 

This course has been designed for healthcare professionals who are currently working in amputee rehabilitation or would like to move into this area. You will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the patient journey from pre-amputation to prosthetic rehabilitation within a holist framework, exploring both physical and psychosocial aspects of patient care. 

This course includes two specific amputee modules (i.e. Module 1: Amputee Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Use and Module 2: Contemporary Issues in Limb Loss) as well as core and option modules that form part of the MSc in Health Sciences.