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coordinated Program in Dietetics

The full-time MSc is completed over a 12-month period. There are two semesters of taught material, which account for 60 ECTS (120 CATS), together with an MSc project (typically undertaken in the summer), which accounts for 30 ECTS (60 CATS). 

The structure of the programme provides you with a foundation in both Operational Research and Statistics. It also allows you to select several optional modules from a broad range of topics in Semester 2 so that you can specialise in either Operational Research or Statistics (or to choose a balanced portfolio of options). These are complemented by careers talks, with speakers from a wide range of organisations providing an appreciation of the developments in, and use of, Operational Research and Statistics in practice, and presentations on employability skills. 

While studying for your degree, you will develop key transferrable skills, such as written and oral communication, presentation skills, teamwork, the use of IT (e.g. some Optimisation, Simulation, and Statistical software), time management, and basic research skills including the use of the web and the library.