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B.Sc. in Chemistry with Education Chemistry

Biochemistry examines the structure and function of living organisms at the molecular level. It is an exciting and rapidly developing subject and the primary investigative science within biology and medicine. 

Our flexible Biochemistry degree includes core modules in Biochemistry and Chemistry combined with a solid background in related fields.

In the first year of the BSc Biochemistry, you will study core modules such as Protein Biochemistry, Cell Structure and Function, and Genetics – all designed to give you a good overview of key modern biochemical concepts.

In your second year, you will focus on a range of Biochemistry modules, including Cell Biology and Medical Microbiology, as well as some more practically oriented modules designed to equip you with the laboratory skills and knowledge required by a successful biochemist. 

You will have the flexibility to tailor your third year to your biochemical interests and can select from a diverse range of subjects including Cell Signalling, Cancer, Biology of Ageing, and Neurobiology.