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M.A. in Transnational Studies

From the outset of the course, you will be introduced to key theoretical frameworks for understanding the concepts that have shaped our world, such as nationhood, culture, identity, memory, colonisation, migration and globalisation. You will also be trained in a range of research methods from across the humanities and social sciences. 

You will then use this theoretical and methodological knowledge to approach a broad range of topics, events and texts from across our regions of specialisation, which include modern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Throughout the programme, we will work closely with you to help develop your own research interests in relation to the course. 

Knowledge of languages other than English is not a requirement for this degree. However, the programme offers you the chance to take a foreign language as an optional module, and to engage with material in a range of languages or in translation. It is an ideal follow-on from a Modern Languages undergraduate degree, in addition to welcoming graduates of all Humanities and Social Science disciplines.