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M.Sc. in Foundations of Clinical Psychology

The Masters in the Foundations of Clinical Psychology offers a curriculum in which the central aim is to provide an educational experience which sets the profession of Clinical Psychology into a European and International context. Home students on this clinical psychology related MSc will have an appreciation of international professional issues and international students will gain an understanding of how to apply the principles of clinical psychology to developing service provision in their home countries, as well as gaining an understanding of service provision within the UK. 

The MSc offers a warm welcome to students from all around the world, who add to the richness of the teaching experience. We have had students from countries including, but not limited to, Saudi Arabia, China, Taiwan, Antigua, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the USA, Canada, Russia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Norway and Finland. We have a good history of employment and students have gone to find work in academia, pursuing PhDs at universities including Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Warwick, the Institute of Psychiatry and UNICAF University in Zambia. Several have gone on to study for professional qualifications in Clinical/counselling psychology and many have found work in the NHS and caring professions as Assistant Psychologists or PWPs. Other students have applied their skills in NGOs or government settings. 

This MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology programme will serve as an academic stepping stone to completion of a Ph.D. in Psychology and will supplement students’ experience for application to professional training offered by Doctoral Programmes in Clinical Psychology. This programme is approved by The British Psychological Society Learning Centre for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).