• Program Detail

Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Humanities

Programme Learning Outcomes for Ph.D. (Digital Arts and Humanities) (NFQ Level 10, Major Award) 
On successful completion of this programme students should be able to: 

  • Have a profound understanding of the field of Digital Humanities or Digital Arts, as well as applications to the field(s) in which their final assessment exercise is situated;
  • Present research findings in both traditional scholarly monographs and as digital artefacts;
  • Demonstrate the ability to conceive, design, implement and adapt a substantial process of research with scholarly integrity;
  • Integrate knowledge, handle complexity and formulate judgments so as to work at the frontiers of knowledge;
  • Communicate with their peers, the larger scholarly community and with society in general about their areas of expertise;
  • Develop awareness of the career applications in a knowledge-based society of skills learned and projects undertaken.