• Program Detail

Ph.D. in History

Program with a Mention of Quality concedes by the Spanish National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad, ANECA) 

The doctoral studies are organized in two stages. In the first, comprising the first academic year, students must prepare the methodological report for their research project and participate in at least five training activities, preferably to be chosen from amongst those offered by the Jaume Vicens i Vives University Institute of History (IUHJVV) or the Department of Humanities. All activities must be approved by the thesis supervisor. The doctoral programme's Academic Committee will assess the research report and training activities completed by the student over the first year in September. If the assessment is negative, the student will be given an additional period of six months to remedy any shortcomings detected in the research report and/or completed activities. 

Beginning the second year, students will preferably focus on their research project, under the supervision of their thesis supervisor. The progress they make on their research and any supplementary training activities they complete will be recorded in an annual report, which will be assessed by the doctoral programme's Academic Committee. Students enrolled on the programme full-time will have to submit their theses at the end of the third academic year, with a possible extension of one additional year.