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Certificate of XXI Citizenship

Get Certificate of the higher Earth civil status !

EARTH CITIZEN of 21st century

  • ​Earth citizen is the global top civil status. Educated people who believe in solidarity, equality no matter religious beliefs, ethnicity, or race, serve and protect eternal virtues, with strong and good morality are welcome to become Earth citizens.
  • Earth citizens are listed in the special list of Citizens of the Earth-XXI on the web site of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM.  In order to become an Earth citizen of 21st century you must give exams online to Socratic philosophical school.
  • As an Earth citizen - global top civil status, you have the right to bear the identity card and later on the passport of the Earth Citizen.
  • The Civil education and formation of the Global citizenship is initiated by UN and stated in the UNESCO Medium-Term Strategy for 2014 - 2021.
  • Get your civil education through GPU and Certificate XXI Citizenship