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B.A. in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science teaches students the strong programming, technical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills that they will need in their careers. 
The course is particularly designed with software development and computational science roles in mind, but as computing has become so important to so many different fields, it allows the flexibility to take a number of units from other disciplines if students choose to. 
The course includes a core of units that gives all our students a solid programming, mathematical, and software engineering background. From the core units, students will learn multiple programming languages as well as the modern collaborative tools and practices that software teams use to design, develop and deliver software that solves problems for their users. They will also take a team capstone project, in which they must develop solutions to real world computing problems drawn from community organisations and industry. 
Beyond these core units, students are expected to take at least one Major. 
In the Software Development major, students study topics such as artificial intelligence, functional programming, development for the modern web, mobile development, and interaction design. 
In the Data Science major, students learn topics that are of particular relevance to applying computing to science. This includes statistical machine learning, distributed computing, and computational science. 
Students can take both majors, or they can take a single major and complete their degree with their own customised set of additional units. The major or majors completed will appear on the academic record and testamur. 
The BCompSc has been granted Professional Level accreditation by the Australian Computer Society and, through the Seoul Accord, is recognised in other countries. Graduates are eligible to become a member of the Australian Computer Society, and after 3 years of suitable professional ICT experience, will be eligible to apply for recognition as a Certified Professional (CP). 

Fully credited exchange programs of one trimester are in place with international universities. 
Bachelor of Computer Science graduates are eligible to enrol for a range of Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and course work Master programs. 
Candidates who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Computer Science may, on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Science and Technology, continue to an Honours year. The Honours year includes a program of study which must include a dissertation. Course requirements usually include a research project with thesis, reading assignments and essays. Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (BCompSc(Hons)) graduates who achieve the appropriate level of Honours are eligible to apply to enrol for a research Master degree or the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).